Free yourself from the triple qualities and the pairs of opposites! Ever calm, harbouring no thoughts of receiving and keeping, become settled in the self.

Verily, no one can stay for even a moment without working; all are indeed compelled to perform actions, willy-nilly, prodded by the qualities(gunas) born of nature(prakriti).

All action is universally engendered by the attributes(gunas) of primordial nature(prakriti). A man whose self is deluded by egoity thinks, “I’m the doer”.

Even the wise man acts according to the tendencies of his own nature. All living creatures go according to nature, what can(superficial) suppression avail?

The lord does not create in Men the consciousness of being doers of actions, nor does he cause actions by them, nor does he entangle them with the fruits of actions. Delusive cosmic nature is the originator of all these;

Know that all manifestations of Sattva(Good), Rajas(Activity), Tamas(Evil) emanate from Me. Though they are in Me, I’m not in them.

the Gunas inherent in Prakriti- Sattva, Rajas, Tamas- imprison in the body the imperishable dweller.

Sattva attaches one to happiness; Rajas to activity; and Tamas by eclipsing the power of discrimination to miscomprehension.

Wisdom arises from Sattva; Greed from Rajas and Heedlessness, delusion, Ignorance from Tamas.

Having transcended the three modes of nature- the cause of physical embodiment- a man is released from the sufferings of birth, old age and death; he attains immortality.