The Devaswom provides several amenities for the comfortable stay of pilgrims. The devotees can reserve the rooms in advance. For this, full room rent and reservation charges should be sent to The Administrator, Guruvayur Devaswom, Guruvayur – 680101. by Demand Draft or Money Order well in advance. Full information about the reservation should be given along with the Demand Draft or Money Order.

The administrative office started functioning since 1997. The day-to-day administration is to be looked after by an Administrator appointed by the Government of Kerala. The Managing Committee includes the Tantri of the temple and others. The presiding deity of the Guruvayur Temple is Vishnu, worshipped in the form of Guruvayurappan. The central icon is a four-armed standing Krishna carrying the conch Panchajanya, the discus Sudarshana Chakra, the mace Kaumodaki and a lotus with a Holy basil garland. This image represents the majestic form of Vishnu as revealed to Krishna’s parents Vasudeva and Devaki around the time of Krishna’s birth; hence Guruvayur is also known as “Dwarka of South India”.

Telephone Numbers

Telephone Numbers (prefix code +91 487 if needed)

  • 255 6335
  • 255 6347
  • 255 6365
  • 255 6538
  • 255 6670
  • 255 6672
  • 2555799
  • 2556346

Kousthubham rest house( Phone No: 0487 2556537, Fax: 04872554844)

The Kousthubhamn rest house is situated adjacent to the sathram building.

Reservation Charge : 20/-
Reservation Charge of Dormitory Hall: 100/-
*Extra Room( A/C Room rs.50/- and Non A/Croom Rs.30/-)
*Confirm the availability of room before sending DD/ money order


Panchajanyam rest house(Phone no: 0487 2556535, Fax: 04872554844)

The Panchajanyam rest house is situated a bit away to the south side of the east gopuram.

• Extra Persons ( A/c Room Rs. 50/- and Non A/c Rooms Rs.30/- ) (No Reservation For A/C Rooms)
*Confirm the availability of room before sending DD/ money order

Sreevalsam Guest House (Phone no: 0487 2556539)

This guest house is located very near the south side of the temple’s east gopuram. There are six air.conditioned 2 beddedsuits available here. There is a big lobby in front of the guest

Sreevalsam Annex (Phone no: 0487 2556535)

This rest house is located behind SREEVALSAM GUEST HOUSE dormitory AC and NON AC rooms are available here. To book rooms contact Panachajanyam rest house (Phone no: 0487 2556535, Fax: 04872554844)