Kunnamkulam Kerala- Kunnamkulam is a municipal town situated in the Thrissur District of Kerala in India, spread over an area of 34.18 km2. It is an old commercial town, with an ancient history, famous for its printing and book binding industry. It is the chief center of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians in the Kerala state. In the past, the town was called Kunnankulangara and references can be seen in a lot of British Archives about a neat and prosperous town which was predominantly Christian. Over the years Kunnamkulam has become a meeting point for all religions. Ironically, Kunnamkulam is the exact center of Kerala and that was the reason why old merchants and businesses have based there. The Vedakkad Durga Devi Temple located in Kunnamkulam is one of the 108 famous Durga Devi temples of Kerala.

The word Kunnamkulam is derived from the words kunnu (mountain) and kulam (ponds). There are several small hills in this area(Aduputty, Cherukunnu, Kizhoor, Kakkad Mission Kunnu, etc.) interspersed with the numerous ponds of the area (Eeenjakulam, Ayyankulam, Maduraku,porkulam vedakkad pond, Chattukulamkulam, etc.). One of the major spots within the town is the Parayil Angadi (market among rocks). The terrain condition and geological aspect of the area have led to the name.


Kunnamkulam town has its own remote antiquity as is evident from the history. It was a part of Mahodayapattanam, the capital of Chera Dynasty. History tells about the cross installed by Thomas the Apostle, at Chattukulangara (a part of Arthat in Kunnamkulam). During the invasion of Tippu Sultan, the Christians from Chattakulangara migrated to Kunnamkulam town. Kunnamkulam Municipal area was the headquarters of Talappilly taluk up to AD1860.

The Kunnamkulam Municipality was formed as an IVth grade Municipality in the year 1948. The Municipality had an area of 6.96 km2 and is divided into 31 electoral wards. In 2000, it was further upgraded to a Grade-II Municipality by merging adjoining panchayats of Arthat (full) and panchayats of Porkulam and Chowwannur (parts). The original area of the municipality was 7 km2 which is now increased to 34.18 km2. Earlier, there were only 16 municipal wards. The municipality extended its area in 2001 and now has 31 wards. The Total population then was 51,585 of which 24,396 were males and 27,189 females, with the density of population being 2,824 per km2. Kunnamkulam assembly constituency is part of Alathoor (Lok Sabha Constituency). Earlier, it was part of the Ottapalam Constituency.

Kunnamkulam Kerala
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