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Guruvayur is one of the religious centers of Kerala. Guruvayur is famous about temple which is a famous religious centre in Kerala related Hindu beliefs. There is other religious center which is very close to Guruvayur centre. Palayaoor church is one of the international pilgrimage centers in Kerala. ChavakkadMahallu is very close to Guruvayur. Normally people look flats in Guruvayur to be close to Guruvayur temple. People come from different parts of India to visit Guruvayur and its surroundings. Most of the people want to get flats in Guruvayur especially Hindu people who want be in more religious activities. So they look 1BHK flats or 2BHK flats in Guruvayur to spend their days in temple view flats in Guruvayur. There are lots of builders in Guruvayur to construct Villas, apartments and 3BHK flats in Guruvayur. And Guruvayur tourism is also very famous with attractive tourist destinations like PunnathurKotta (Anakkotta), Elephant camp sanctuary, Palayur church, etc. All these factorsleads to create investment opportunities in Guruvayur.

Investment in Guruvayur

So own a flats in Guruvayur is a big investment opportunity for people. There are large numbers of builders in Guruvayur. So many business people are finding places in Guruvayur to build flats, villas, apartments in Guruvayur. This creates a large number of opportunities in Guruvayur. There are leading builders in Guruvayur like lord Krishna builders, SFS homes, Beverly apartments, Dream world properties, Asset homes, etc. You may trap in confusion to find best the builders in Guruvayur.

Best invest mentally oriented flats in Guruvayur

Yes it is quite difficult to find unique builders in Guruvayur. Now, Dreams world properties come with Guruvayur Town Ship. This is going to be the first township in Guruvayur with all the facilities like shopping malls, multiplexes, hotels, hospital centers, etc. So people can be very close to Guruvayur with everything surrounded flats in Guruvayur.

Select best flats

There are lots of things to remember while selecting flats is Guruvayur. It depends on your needs. You can select a different purpose for selecting flats in Guruvayur like Business purpose, Personal purpose, Tourism purpose, etc. Here we can select Personal purpose; the rest of the topic will cover on next writings.

If you want to close to Guruvayur temple find flats in Guruvayur which require less walking. Because there will be a huge rush in the road during the season. It will be risk and time consuming to reach Guruvayur temple. In future there is a chance to increase traffic block. So select nearby flats to Guruvayur temple.

  • Know the market value. You have to be very care full about the real rate of your flats. There are lots of connecting people to sell flats in Guruvayoor. They may fix their own rates to sell flats.
  • Don’t depend on advertisement, believe in Quality. You should approachthe best builder in Guruvayoor who do customer oriented business.
  • You should verify the builder by searching history and current projects. It is mandatory to find best flats in Guruvayur.
  • Clear all the charges before purchasing flats in Guruvayoor otherwise you may trap in hidden charges. Most of the people mention terms and conditions apply. So be very care full. Please don’t believe the broker words.
  • You should have studied the size of the flats. You have to pre-calculate the sizes of the premises when the furniture and other things are filled. You will find 3BHK flats in Guruvayur as low coast flats in Guruvayur. But the size may less in nature..
  • You should do a proper study of the place where the flats located to find accessibility to hospital, shopping malls, schools, banks, etc. Dreams word properties in Guruvayur is located in center of the facilities. .
  • You know the list of Banks, if you are looking for EMI facilities to own flats is Guruvayur. Most of the builders like Dreams world properties will arrange best banks to buy flats in Guruvayur.
  • Surely confirm the possession of yourflats. So many flats in Gurvayur facing slowness in Construction. So believe a best builder in Guruvayur. Dreams world properties assure timely completion of flats.
  • Builder and buyer agreement is one of the important things to know buy flats in Guruvayoor. When you will book a flats with token advance get a allotment letter. After that go for a tripartite agreement with the builder and bank if it is in EMI . This time agreement should be sign between the builder-buyer. You have to read carefully all the clauses.

These are 10 important steps to know buy flats in Guruvayoor. You don’t get tensed to purchase your flats. There are lots of builders to follow 100% genuine service methods. Dreams world Properties is one of the trust worthy builder in Guruvyoor. Reach us for better living condition in Guruvayur.

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