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Prior to the birth of Kerala, Guruvayur was the area of the Malabar border and was under the rule of the Zamorin. The culture and history of the place is associated with the Guruvayoor Temple. It is known as the Guruvayoora which was installed by Guru and Air. As the popularity of the temple has increased, the number of pilgrims and visitors in the area has increased in terms of the area of the area, in accordance with the provisions of section 43 of the 1961 Act, 1966, which included parts of the Iringankram, Chavakkad, Thaikkad and Guruvayoor areas around the Guruvayoor Temple. Guruvayur Township was formed on January 26th. Major services available to the public from municipality • Ownership Certificate • Residential certificate • Jamatam • Elimination of building tax • To get taxes due to dismantling the building • Property tax revision petition • Labor tax revision petition • Property Tax / Occupation Tax Appeal • Property Tax Payment • Employment Tax Payment • Revenue Receipts Fund for Recovering Additional Tax Revenue (Revenue Funds) • The building’s age certificate • Assessment register copy • Admissions to display ads • Birth / Death Certificates • Identification certificate (to add the name in the birth register) • A certificate for birth / death is not registered • Delay and register birth / death • To add the child’s name to the birth register • Registration of marriage • D & O, p. F. A Licenses • Permission to establish motors • Building construction permit • One-day permit • The extension and renewal of the term of the permit • Completion Report • Registration as contractor • Identity certificate • Widow pension • Disability Pension • Old age pension • Pension for unmarried women above 50 years • Marriage assistance for women of poor widows • Pensioner for agricultural worker • Unemployment wage • To receive information under the RTI Act • A certificate of unemployment • Acceptance of General Violations

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