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Temple follows an system of rites, which according to tradition.

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Strict dress code exists for people who wish to enter the Temple.

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The Devaswom provides several amenities for the comfortable stay.

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  In the days of Udayasthamana Poojas there will be more poojas

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Mandala pooja begins on the first day of the Malayalam month.

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Devaswom is formed for administering the activities of Temple

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Temple History

Sri Naradiya Purana mentions how Janamejaya was cured of leprosy.

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The Temple offers many vazhipadu for the people in the temple.

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You only need to take marriage ticket (Rs250) from the temple.

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The central icon is a four-armed standing Krishna carrying Panchajanya.

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Online Pooja

It is one of the most important places of worship for Hindus.

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Online Darshan

Referred to as Bhuloka Vaikunta “Holy Abode of Vishnu on Earth”.

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Celebrates Ekadasi on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight.

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Guruvayur Temple Contact

Temple Contact Phone Number – 0487 255 6335

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Online Booking for Hotel

For the comfortable stay of pilgrims

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Guruvayurappan (transliterated guruvāyūrappan)

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devaswom rooms

 The devotees can reserve the rooms. Here provides amenities for the comfortable stay.

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devaswom job Vacancies

recruitment of various posts separately like Group A, Group B, Group C .

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Devaswom Contact Number

Telephone Numbers 255 6335, 255 6347, 255 6365, 255 6538, 255 6670

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Devaswom members

Sri.Kadakampally Surendran(Minister For Devaswoms)

Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu god Guruvayurappan (a four-armed affiliation of the Hindus god Vishnu), located in the town of Guruvayur in Kerala, India. It is one of the most important places of worship for Hindus of Kerala and is often referred to as Bhuloka Vaikunta. which translates to the “Holy Abode of Vishnu on Earth”.