Guruvayurappan Temple  Timings

Guruvayoor Temple Pooja Timings- Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu god Guruvayurappan (a four-armed affiliation of the Hindus god Vishnu), located in the town of Guruvayur in Kerala, India. It is one of the most important places of worship for Hindus of Kerala and is often referred to as Bhuloka Vaikunta. which translates to the “Holy Abode of Vishnu on Earth”.



3.00am to 3.30am Nirmalyam
3.20am to 3.30am
Oilabhishekam, Vakacharthu, Sankhabhishekam

3.30am to 4.15am Malar Nivedyam, Alankaram
4.15am to 4.30am Usha Nivedyam
4.30am to 6.15am Ethirettu pooja followed by Usha pooja
7.15am to 9.00am Seeveli,Palabhishekam,Navakabhishekam, Pantheeradi Nivedyam, and Pooja
11.30am to 12.30pm Ucha pooja (the noon pooja)


4.30pm to 5.00pm Seeveli
6.00pm to 6.45pm Deeparadhana
7.30pm to 7.45pm Athazha pooja Nivedyam
7.45pm to 8.15pm Athazha pooja
8.45pm to 9.00pm Athazha seeveli
9.00pm to 9.15pm Thrippuka, Olavayana
The Sreekovil will be closed. On the day of Special Illuminations called “Vilakku” the Thripuka is performed after that. The Sreekovil will be closed after Thripuka. Then the Krishnanattam, a colourful traditional dance-drama on Lord Krishna’s life is enacted inside the Temple on specified days.

*The timings given are approximate. It may vary if there is Udayasthamana pooja or on certain special occasions.

Temple dedicated to Vishnu in the form of Krishna with an idol thought to date back 5,000 years.

Guruvayur temples main deity Krishna’s idol is believed to have been installed by Lord Guru (teacher) and Lord Vayu (Air). This shrine is as important like Mathura or Dwaraka.

In order to avoid rush (which needs deft planning !), we reached there evening of a working day. (avoided morning rush, frequent ceremony related stops in the morning, wedding crowd etc.,). Bathed and dressed in traditional south Indian attire (Vesthi for gents and saree for ladies) we started in the queue. Within 20 minutes we had finished the dharsan. Moral: Avoid weekends, Thursdays in general. Sabarimala season (Nov, Dec, Jan).

The delight was the Seeveli of five elephants along with Laksha deepam. The whole walls of the sanctum has traditional oil lamps, which are lit. The caparisoned elephants with Venchamaram (white fan) and Mayipeli ( fan made with peacock feather) went around the temple 3 times. Nadaswaram, Melam amd Panchavadhyam made the moment mesmerizing.
This happens literally every night from 8.30-10.30pm. It is a delight for the young and the old.

In the morning it was great site to see Thulabaram- gifting God various items like Banana, Rice, Jaggery, Ghee of our equivalent body weight and Annaprasannam- first rice feeding for children. Around 11am the famous Milk Payasam of Shree Krishna’s neyvaidhyam is available for purchase.

If time permits do visit the nearby Shiva temple (Mammiyur). Old story goes like this, when Guru and Vayu decided on the location of this Shree Krishna temple and came here they saw Lord Shiva already housed there. They requested him if he could move slightly and give space for Krishna temple, which he obliged. Hence It is generally believed that one must visit Shiva before Krishna ! This temple is more strict on attire than Guruvayur.

Very ancient and well maintained temple. It gives no other thoughts than only think about Lord and gives peace of mind. The darshan of Lord gives you a immense pleasure. One of the great temples which follow ancient tradition even now very well. The place will give you good ambience to worship lord Krishna peacefully.

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